Corporate Wellness Programme

We have tailored a Corporate Wellness Programme with an aim to enhance work performance and productivity via healthy eating and lifestyle. During the programme, we would like to share with the employees of your company ideas about healthy eating and lifestyle through group and/or individual activities as follows:

(1) Healthy Eating Workshops

Popular topics include:

  1. You are what you eat
  2. Healthy tips for frequent travellers
  3. Nutritious ways to enhance work performance
  4. Food and mood
  5. Hearty diet
  6. Food label reading
  7. Eat for stronger bones
  8. Eating well for cancer prevention
  9. Dietary supplements – do they really work?
  10. Fad diets – debunking dieting myths
  11. Maximising sports performance through nutrition

(2) One-to-one dietetic consultations

Each consultation includes measuring height, weight, body mass index, body fat percentage, waist circumference and blood pressure; as well as providing personalised dietary advice.

(3) Healthy cooking workshops

We can help your company tailor-make a unique team building session in a kitchen. Your team will cook meals under our dietitian’s close supervision. We choose recipes to meet your employees’ expectations. Everything we are going to prepare for the workshops is simple to make, flavour-oriented and good for health.

Another option of the workshops is for our dietitian to demonstrate a series of easy-to-make dishes or snacks to your employees. The ultimate purpose of both types of workshops is for your employees to learn about healthy eating in an interactive and fun-oriented manner and to put dietetic knowledge into practice.

 (4) Healthy lunch boxes/ snacks designed by dietitian 

We can recommend healthy lunch boxes/ snacks for meetings, conference and exhibitions based on your company’s budget and food preferences.

Our bespoke service will help you design programmes that suit your company’s needs. Please contact us for further information and program prices.

Companies and organisations that Dietitian Sally provided nutrition workshops to:

  1. Adidas
  2. AIA
  3. Allen & Overy
  4. BASF East Asia
  5. CLP Power Hong Kong Limited
  6. CMA Testing and Certification Laboratories
  7. Dah Sing Life
  8. Deacons
  9. Deutsche Bank
  10. DuPont Legal
  11. EFG Bank
  12. Estee Lauder (Asia Pacific) Limited
  13. Gammon Construction Limited
  14. Henderson Land Development Company Limited
  15. House of Dancing Water, Macau
  16. Hong Kong Disneyland
  17. Hong Kong Health Check & Medical Diagnostic Group Limited
  18. Jardine Matheson Limited
  19. Johnson Controls Hong Kong Limited
  20. Leighton Asia
  21. Liquidnet Asia Limited
  22. Malaysian Hong Kong China Friendship Society
  23. Manulife
  24. Metlife
  25. Miele (Hong Kong) Ltd
  26. Modern Terminals Limited
  27. Morgan Stanley
  28. Philip Morris
  29. Pictet Group
  30. Rabobank Hong Kong
  31. Simmons Bedding and Furniture (HK) Limited
  33. The Chinese Manufacturers Association
  34. The Marketing Store
  35. Travelex Hong Kong Limited
  36. SmarTone Vodafone Hong Kong
  37. Sun Life Financial Hong Kong
  38. Swiss-Sure Company Limited
  39. Warnaco Asia Limited


House of Dancing Water, Macau